>Hi All!

We are in Jersey AGAIN and this time it’s just me, the husband and the wee pug because we’re dogsitting while my Sister is on holidays. We have had a lovely holiday too because the weather here in St Helier has been much warmer and sunnier than in good old Northern Ireland. I’ve been having lots of long walks along St Aubin’s bay with the dog and have even squeezed in a few yoga classes:

I did Vinyasa yoga with Henrietta of Yoga Pulse and a Stretch & Strengthen yoga class with Jennifer Moore. I also enquired about Bikram yoga which is very popular here on the island but I would need a car to get to the venue so that’s out for me this time…

I have also been doing my own brief practice daily and it has been very difficult because the dog doesn’t understand that when I’m lying on the floor I’m not playing but working very hard. He keeps trying to lick my face when I have no hands free to swat him away. I think he’s trying to tell me that I can do all the downward dogs I like but he is the top dog of this house!!!

So, that’s my brief update.