I’m in a great mood at the moment ‘cos my wee Mummy and Daddy are visiting me all the way from Ireland via my Sister in Jersey. Gwen and Andy are really enjoying their adventure in Glasgow. We have been to Frasers in town (Gwen by taxi) and all around Mount Florida, Shawlands, Cathcart and Battlefield (Andy by foot).

What I’ve realised is that it is amazing how much you see when you look with “new eyes” at the place where you live and, more importantly, the WAY that you live.

Having my parents over to visit meant I had to tidy up the flat and I discovered my yoga mats all rolled up behind the door in the spare room. This led me to thinking about how long it has been since I practiced at home. Which made me think about how little I am practicing outside the home as well. So … I am making a declaration that I will practice yoga a minimum of 3 times a week!

I don’t intend for this practice to be a full-on 2 hour ashtanga practice but rather a more manageable 10 – 30 minutes. (I’ll be using my Yoga DVD along with some Youtube videos). I will then comment about this on Facebook so if you want to practice with me just join me HERE and comment with your own declaration.

I was also forced to own up to the amount of sweets and chocolates I’d been eating and so I’m making a declaration about that too! I started taking Herbalife weight management products a couple of weeks ago and am loving them so far. My sweet cravings are entirely satisfied by the protein bars and shakes while the multivitamins and fibre & herb tablets have given me so much energy. I have lost half a stone in weight too, so I’m not complaining! Email me if you are interested in hearing more about the products and what they could do for you.

I am off to do a Glasgow bus tour now, so until next week