>Hi All!

I’m back from Jersey and raring to go!

So I have some new yoga and Pilates classes to tell you about…

On Monday nights from 8pm until 9pm I am still doing my yoga class in Carn but it has now been renamed a “Gentle Yoga Class” and I’m going to try and go easier on everyone!

On Tuesday nights I have an exciting new Pilates class which is also in the Stretch & Play studio in Carn. It runs from 6.30pm until 7.30pm and costs £5 per class or £25 for 6 weeks. The next 6 week session starts on Tuesday 29th September so please call or text me for more details.

Wednesday night is Edenmore night as usual and from Thursday 1st October we are officially starting the YogaFlow classes in Mount Zion House, Lurgan so again call or text me for more details…

I am also thinking of parent and child classes as well as lunchtime quick chill-out classes so please let me know what you think…

That’s all for now!