As the bells chime on another year I turn over yet another new leaf and recommit to blogging regularly in 2016. It was something I’ve been doing since 2009 but last year, with my excitement over my vlog posts, I lost the art of writing.

I am determined to get it back. And I am determined to be as honest and forthright as if I were chatting with my Mum. I am sick of the corporate wishy-washy tone that had taken over some of my posts in 2014 and I want this to be a year where I am “real” and honest about what’s really going on in my life.

So, in the spirit of this new leaf, I have a list of secrets (some of which are not so secret) that I want to mention now because I’ll be addressing them in 2016.

  • I have bipolar disorder which is controlled with medication and I’m doing fine on it, thank you very much.
  • I still get moody or angry or frustrated but hopefully not as badly as when I wasn’t on medication.
  • I am the fattest I have ever been. I am determined to change that with a better diet and a commitment to more regular exercise.
  • I live in a town called Wishaw and I hate it here. I feel so isolated and lonely, especially when Chris is working crazy long shifts as a residential support worker.
  • The hatred of Wishaw is why I’m now fat. I ate my feelings in 2015. Not fun!
  • I am no longer a Yoga Teacher. I am now a Yoga Teacher Trainer (and there’s a HUGE difference). I love this adjustment to my working life but I do miss the camaraderie of classes. This is why I want to blog more regularly so I can reconnect with my peeps!

I’ve been listening to this song on loop over the last few days and, in fact, this whole blog post is my response to it. I hope you enjoy it.