Having now run the Stretch NI Studio for almost two whole weeks (!) I am very interested in the business of yoga and how to apply business principles to something which to me is very esoteric and non-commercial. What I didn’t realise is that this can be a minefield of misinformation! I have wasted so much time which could have been better used in putting flyers around the town and introducing myself to my fellow business owners in the town centre. So now the plan is to stop listening to repetitive and boring sales calls/teleseminars and reading irrelevant crap on the internet  and instead just get out there and let people know who I am and what Stretch NI and the studio is all about… To help with this we’re having an Open Day on Saturday 8th October to launch the studio properly and introduce all my teachers and the holistic therapists who will be involved with us. It will be happening from 12pm – 4pm and everyone’s invited!!!