I decided last night that I should carry out “the weight loss experiment”. It’s an experiment because I am NOT going on a diet or anything as radical as that… but…

{Scales image courtesy of Fitsugar}

I may change my eating habits (and blog about it);

I may increase my exercise levels (and blog about it);

I may try out different styles of exercise (and blog about it)

and I may try a fast or two (and, of course, blog about it).

So, I believe the fact that I am going to blog about it every step of the way makes it an experiment rather than a diet or even a new way of living. It might become that if it’s successful but one thing at a time.

Now, I have big plans for “the weight loss experiment” because I want you to be a part of it. I will be inviting people to join me in my new exercise routines and food choices/diet plans. This can be both online and offline so sign up below and keep your eyes peeled for news of the experiment to hit your inbox VERY soon!