The Visibility Project

Hi! I’m Victoria, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Teacher Trainer, Coach & Consultant and this is the Visibility Project!



It started when I noticed that I was becoming less and less visible as I approached my 40th Birthday. In spite of being active on social media (and standing in front of classes of people as a Yoga Teacher & Pilates Instructor) I sometimes felt invisible. And less important and less accomplished and less attractive as a result.

And then I noticed how it was similar for many of my peers with some of these women (because it always seems to be women) choosing to hide behind pictures of their children or even their pets (sorry Foxy!) on social media and having blogs and websites with only stock photography on it rather than a picture of the person behind the brand. Sometimes it felt like I hadn’t actually “seen” any of them in years!

So I began to record vlogs which were unscripted, unedited and un-retouched where I rambled on about life in the hope that it would inspire others to do the same – to be vulnerable; to be honest; to be seen. And, I named it Victoria’s Visibility Project (see more HERE).

However, as I continued the vlogs I realised that this project was about WAY more than being seen. It was really about looking within and seeing yourself! Because when you know the real you the labels can fall away and you can finally be visible, both to yourself and to those you meet (online and off).


This is a 4 week project which started on 1st Nov using my (many) years of personal development reading and training to help you see yourself more clearly. (You can still join at any time during the live course).

  • ringbinderlaying_550x526Week 1 – who am I?dvdcasestack_800x748
  • Week 2 – who am I without the labels?
  • Week 3 – where are my shadows?
  • Week 4 – where am I visible (and invisible)?

The course is a mixture of videos/audios from me and written worksheets for you so it will suit all learning styles. It should only take an hour or so each week and there will be a Facebook group to contribute to, if you want to. By the end of the course, you’ll really see yourself, what makes you tick, what ticks you off, and how to be more visible.

We will be using a variety of tools including Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga) and Tri-Dosha theory as well as the Enneagram, which my favourite meditation teacher, Susan Piver, describes as “a system of personality typing, but saying so is like saying that John Coltrane was a sax player. It just goes way beyond that.”

I am thrilled to be including a “Planets in Your Love House” Interpretation Guide from my own personal astrologer Nicole Coggan who runs and is passionate about teaching others to read their own birth and relationship charts.

There is lots more besides so JOIN US to see what’s in store.

How much?

At present the course is available at just £40 during the course and then I will release it as a self-study course in 2015 for £97! So, get in now!

vp buy now40

And, that way, you can help me shape the actual content and format and you will be a Charter Member, having access to the Visibility Project for life and gaining free entry every time I run it as a live course.


Book it by clicking the button and paying by Paypal. And, if electronic payment doesn’t float your boat, you could always write me a cheque or pay in Scottish pound notes! So, just email me and we’ll get something sorted.

Remember, this is a brand new adventure for me (one where I’m not hiding behind my Yoga Teacher/Pilates Instructor label) and I want to see you there with me!